Top 5 Warzone weapons to use in 2022

September 20, 2022 by Aditya


"Grau 5.56"

If you are searching for AR weapons than "Grau 5.56" would be a great pick for sure. As it is also the earliest meta weaponry in Warzone.


Cooper Carbine

Cooper Carbine can also be a good choice As having a great fire rate, bullet dispensing rate shocks many players.



UGM-8 can also be a great choice when it comes to lying your enemy down quickly  Best choice more mid range fighting and able to compete with many AR's.


Armaguerra 43

Armaguerra 43 is considered as one of the best SMG in warzone. But it took a lot of time to make on the list, still a great choice.



PPSh-41 would be a great option for rushers and close range players. The fire rate of this weapon makes people dropping their jaws.

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