Top 5 Halloween-Themed Maps In Multiplayer Games

BY krish

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Haddonfield town


Haddonfield town in Dead By Daylight is considered as one of the best Halloween themed map and looks like abondoned town.

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Autumn Harvest


Autumn Harvest Fest Base in Monster Hunter: World that comes up with the Halloween decoration and looks like it belongs to hunter universe.

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Upside Down Map


Stranger Things Upside Down Map in Rocket League gives chilling vibes as the map has red lights around the court, sky also rain down with ashes.

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Haunted Sectors


Haunted Sectors in destiny 2 is a area where rooms are decorated with spooky Halloweens and trees looks like possessed by demons.

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Night At King’s Canyon


Night At King’s Canyon in Apex Legends is a map. Candle lit areas are really scary and gives chilling vibes.

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