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How to get cheap diamonds in Free Fire MAX in latest OB36 version

How to get cheap diamonds in Free Fire MAX in latest OB36 version: The large majority Free Fire MAX players do not have the financial capacity to invest real money in order to buy diamonds in-game due to the high cost. This is why they are constantly searching for ways to provide the diamonds at a lower price.

There are a variety of options available in the game that permit players to acquire diamonds for affordable prices. Of these membership and the massive airdrop are two of the best options, due to their frequent availability within the Battle Royale game.

In today’s article, you’ll go through “How to get cheap diamonds in Free Fire MAX in latest OB36 version” here we’ll tell you the easiest and most authentic way. So, make sure to read the article till the end.

How to get cheap diamonds in Free Fire MAX in latest OB36 version via (Membership) ?

Memberships are a great option to get cheap diamonds for Free Fire. At present, there are two kinds of memberships that are available to players: Monthly and Weekly each with its distinct advantages.

The specifics of Memberships to Free Fire MAX can be described below:


Price799 Rs.
Number of diamonds offered2600 (500 instantly and 2100 via daily check-ins)
Extra rewards worth3550 diamonds (60x Universal EP Badges, 5x Second Chance, exclusive Monthly Membership icon, Weapon Skin Gift Box, and Discount Store privileges)


Price159 Rs.
Number of diamonds offered450 (100 diamonds instantly and 350 diamonds via daily check-ins)
Extra rewards worth425 diamonds (8x Universal EP Badge, 1x Second Chance, exclusive Weekly Membership icon, and Discount Store privileges)

Gamers can pick one of them based on their preference, and should they buy both simultaneously they’ll be eligible for special Super VIP rewards including additional 450 diamonds.

How to purchase memberships in Free Fire MAX in OB36 version ?

Here are the steps needed to sign up for a membership in Free Fire MAX.

Step 1: Launch the game’s app and then click at the “Membership” icon present at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Two memberships will be displayed on their screens. You choose the appropriate one.

Step 3: Lastly you can pay for the purchase using the method of payment you prefer.

After the memberships have been purchased, you are now able to proceed to the daily login, and then get the appropriate amount of diamonds.

By following the steps given above, you’ll be able to purchase memberships in free fire Max as it’s the most convenient way to get cheap diamonds in 2022.

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