How to Fix Friends List empty error in Overwatch 2 in 2022

How to Fix Friends List empty error in Overwatch 2 in 2022: Many players were eager to play Overwatch 2, but the initial days of the game haven’t been all that kind to players who want to play in a group.

Players are not only experiencing numerous connection issues that are causing lengthy queue times but they’re also getting blocked by their buddies. Their friends aren’t showing up in certain instances.

Many competitive multiplayer games are best played with an entire group of players who can talk and make calls. Thankfully, the issue plaguing Overwatch 2 can be fixed by starting the game again.

What is Friends List empty error in Overwatch 2 in 2022 ?

The launch of Overwatch 2 has brought a lot of issues. There have been allegations of DDoS attacks servers being overwhelmed by many players who want to participate in the fun, as well as simple bugs that are frequent in new games.

If friends are not showing up, it’s been identified as a bug caused due to server issues that are currently occurring in Overwatch 2.

Because of this, many people are receiving messages saying the player isn’t there or they’re playing an alternative version.

The servers are packed with players who want to play this sequel of one of the biggest played games of recent times.

In the meantime, until the servers are solid and able to handle the massive number of players, gamers will need to depend on quick fixes to fix the problem with friends showing up. But these solutions can’t be guaranteed to be successful.

How to Fix Friends List empty error in Overwatch 2 in 2022 ?

There are some ways to go about it to get friends to appear on the Friends list again. If you’re in the Friends list isn’t allowing for an invitation to be sent, or it’s not working, users can try these solutions:

•Please send a message to the friend to see what versions of the game work correctly since they might be in a position to invite you.

•Chat allows you to invite friends using the keyboard “/invite” and the friend’s username.

•Make the necessary changes if the “Player is playing an alternate Overwatch version” message appears. Overwatch” message pops up.

•Restarting the Overwatch 2 game has seen many players’ Friends lists begin to function once more.

The last option has experienced tremendous success; however, it also has the possibility of players being unable to participate in the game.

They may end up in a line or shift from the third player in the line up to the 10,000th. Anyone who needs to make changes to their game is at risk.

One of the most frequent issues with Overwatch 2 states that the player is on another version.

This doesn’t mean they’re using another device or platform; however, it could be a different patch. The user or the partner would then have to update their copies depending on who’s behind.

However, the players will need to wait for developers to address the issue until they can keep their servers up and running smoothly. This issue is undoubtedly that is on their schedule.

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