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Genshin Impact: How to unlock all secret Hidden Teleport Waypoints in Sumeru Desert

How to unlock all secret Hidden Teleport Waypoints in Sumeru Desert in Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact version 3.1 released an enormous desert area in Sumeru that players can discover. In addition to the massive Sand sightings from above and below, numerous unexplored underground regions can be explored by exploring the pyramids or completing quests.

There are 26 teleports within the Sumeru desert, minus the one in Caravan Ribat. The waypoints can be opened to travelers on the initial day of exploring. However, specific waypoints are locked to certain quests within Genshin Impact.

In this post, you’ll get a authentic guide to unlock all secret Hidden Teleport Waypoints in Sumeru Desert. So, make sure to read it full.

Genshin Impact: All Secret Hidden Teleport Waypoints in Sumeru Desert

The teleport system has 26 points in Genshin Impact Sumeru Desert that players can unlock when interacting with them. When players have completed the main quest, dubbed “Golden Dreams,” they can unlock 24 waypoints within the desert, which includes the underground zone.

The other two are behind other quests dubbed “Dual Evidence” and “Afratu’s Dilemma.” Once they can unlock all teleport waypoints within Sumeru Desert, they will be awarded the achievement “Over Sandstorms and Mirages” and receive five Primogems.

How to unlock hidden waypoint in Dual Evidence ?

Dual Evidence can be described as the time-bound objective to complete that Golden Dream quest. After players have achieved this quest, they can start Dual Evidence.

Golden Dream, they need to wait until the daily reset before heading to Aaru Village to visit the Statue of the Seven in Aaru Village to start Dual Evidence.

When they complete this quest, players get more clearance from the Scarlet Sand Slate gadget and be equipped to explore the underground portion of the desert more.

Genshin Impact players can access this hidden teleport point through the quest’s guidelines.

How to unlock hidden waypoint in Afratu’s Dilemma ?

The waypoint hidden from view isn’t evident on Genshin’s game map until players complete the Afratu’s Dilemma mission within the Valley of Dahri.

In contrast to Dual Evidence, players don’t require any prerequisite tasks and can communicate with the Akademiya Researchers to begin the quest.

While on the hunt, they’ll discover a secret path that is which is blocked by a huge rock that is only destroyed by Ruin Golem’s laser close to the location.

Remember that this path is not accessible to Travelers who have not completed The Afratu’s Dilemma quest.

If they follow the quest instructions to get into the robot, they’ll go through a vast underground cave. Utilize the different Four-Leaf Clovers found throughout the cave to explore the cave swiftly and eliminate Suda’s Flow, which blocked the way to this hidden waypoint. Use the teleport waypoint to activate it, and then utilize it whenever players need to.

Unlocking all the waypoints of Genshin Impact is recommended for future exploration or when farming for resources.

Although it might take time to complete the necessary quests, it’s worth it since the waypoints to teleport make life simpler when playing the game.

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