Genshin Impact: Collect All Shop Components|Locations Guide

Easily collect all shop components in Genshin Impact from all the 9 locations following this guide.Genshin Impact’s newest event, Beers and Ballads The event allows players to start their shop within the Charity or Creativity Game Mode.

It also allows gamers to decorate their shop with decorations provided to the game in the form of Fecund Blessing’s hidden treasures in Mondstadt.

Presently only two phases of three have been unlocked on the Fecund Blessing game mode, and players can search for all Fecund Hampers to earn diverse rewards, which include decors for their shop. Of all the hampers which are offered, only nine offer decorations.

1) Behind Goth Hotel – Collect All Shop Components

The final Fecund Blessing that comes with the shop component is located in the back of Goth Hotel in Mondstadt City. Genshin Impact players can teleport to a waypoint within Mondstadt City and head northwest to the hotel to get the chest.

2) Near the enemy camp – Get All Shop Components

From their previous spot, Travelers are able to walk through Whispering Woods until they see an Hilichurl camp in the lake. Bennett has created this offer which provides players with additional furnishings for the storefront.

3) Near an old cart – Easily Collect All Shop Components

Genshin Impact players can teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Starfall Lake and head southwest to encounter an old, battered car. Its Fecund Blessing chest is an inventory in the storefront of Klee.

4) Behind the Stage – Collect All Shop Components in Genshin Impact

One of the first Fecund Hamper that is part of Genshin Impact that gives shop parts is situated just behind the stage at Wine Market, Springvale. The chest will come with an ornament for the shop “Birdie the Waiter,” which can be displayed on the storefront.

5) Behind Angel’s Share

Then, teleport to an area in Mondstadt City, head to Diluc’s Tavern, Angel’s Share, and proceed to the back gate for an additional chest. The decoration here is a storefront decoration that is placed inside the store.

6) Below Barbatos’ statue

Third, Fecund Hamper, which comes with an ornament for shops, is located close to Barbatos, the massive statue in front of the Cathedral. The prize is “A Bouquet of Scents,’ a bouquet of blue flowers.

7) Near Ellin

You can teleport to the waypoint at the top of the Knight of the Favonius Headquarters and walk westward to the training area. A chest with an accessory for the landscape of Genshin Impact players’ store-side display is situated near Ellin.

8) Behind a souvenir shop -All Shop Components For Genshin Impact

Cyrus was working on an ornament for her shop to give away in the Fecund Hamper located behind Marjorie’s souvenir store. The shop is close to Katheryne and Katheryne’s Adventurer’s Guild. The chest has “Orderly Queue,” an ornament that can be placed in a prominent location in the shop.

9) On top of the windmill – Genshin Impact Shop Components

A windmill to the south of the Knight of the Favonius Headquarters lets players climb or climb to the top of the mill to discover the Fecund Hamper made by Beatrice. The shop’s ornament is a Cider Lake Blue roof.

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